Hotels: Java

Crossing from Java, Yogyakarta to the East of Java, discover the most authentic Javanese culture, the monument of Borobudur and the largest Hindu temple “Prambanan”, treks and hikes to the volcano Bromo and Ijen Crater, walk to the plantation cafe at village of Sempol.

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Rumah Mertua Boutique Hotel

Rumah Mertua (´the House of the Parent´s in Law´) is a small boutique hotel with 11 comfortable bedrooms and a traditional restaurant with romantic garden

Dusun Jogja Village

Dusun Jogja Village Inn is the oasis of the most secret and romantic in the island of Java. Where you can escape to celebrate your

Duta Garden

Located in the town Yogyakarta, a strategic area of easterlies Village (Prawirotaman Area) that is well known internationally, Duta Garden Hotel that is managed by

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