Puri Lumbung Cottage

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A unique eco-resort to render homage traditional Balinese culture, the environment, healing, wellness, architecture, design, arts, culture and cuisine.

Puri Lumbung, meaning “granier”, is an eco-resort set in a stunning location high in the fresh mountain air, with spectacular views of the dramatic mountains, rice fields, green valleys, clove plantations and the coast of the Java Sea in the distance.

Experience a different kind of Balinese beauty, away from heat. Surrounded by nature at its best, Puri Lumbung offers, relaxation, bath peaceful youth, while allowing you to be as adventurous as you like.

Relax and enjoy the view from one of the barns have been converted into charming cottages, or one of the luxurious villas scattered along the mountain.

Rejuvenate with healing treatments and traditional wellness.