Golo Hilltop

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Boutique is a small hotel run by two Dutch women and has a pleasant family atmosphere. The hotel is located on a hill about 1 km from the traditional market center on Labuan Bajo; making it a quiet and relaxing place, but everything is still on a walk-able. It is just 10 minutes drive from Komodo Airport

Labuan Bajo, a city on the west coast of Flores is a base to explore the surrounding islands for world class diving and snorkeling, viewing wildlife and of course the famous Komodo dragons on the islands off Komodo and Rinca.

The bungalows Golo Hilltop Hotel are spacious, bright and clean. Each bungalow has its own balcony with a beautiful view of the ocean and sunset each day. It offers a comfortable living room with a variety of parts. All this makes this hotel an ideal base from which to explore Labuan Bajo and surroundings.