Duta Garden

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Located in the town Yogyakarta, a strategic area of easterlies Village (Prawirotaman Area) that is well known internationally, Duta Garden Hotel that is managed by one of the pioneers of the accommodation has been known to provide various services to tourists country. Its existence for more than a decade and its success to go through the economic crisis proves that Duta Garden Hotel services are the best.

Duta Garden Hotel offers rooms cheapest but nice atmosphere, comfortable and clean. The living room is designed in characteristic Yogyakarta style furnished with wooden chairs and ethical ornaments. Beautiful, green garden, gravel path to the pond, own pool and the sound of water falling into a small stream are all existing in the middle of the hotel complex. You can enjoy the cool and comfort of the rooms in tropical area from the bedrooms that are of tropical style.

All are combined into compilation of Yogyakarta beauty to the Duta Garden Hotel. Welcome, we are ready to meet your expectations.