About Us

About Us

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We are Local tour operator in Bali ,  Organize private tours  far a way from tourist mass  destinations : Bali Island, Java, Flores Islands, Bugis and Hingland Toraja, Lombok and Sumatra.  to see  local traditions and  civilization.
The mission how customers find the diversity of culture and nature beauty of Indonesia. We help guests build their very special stay, and advise them how found a satisfaction of something according to their holiday. Flexibility, passion, personalized services is our mission

The guide / driver

Visiting  Bali Island  with private tours, with our guide  has experience and a good competence, the knowledge of guest  character, it leads you in contact with the life of the inhabitants. For the trip to Bali, the guide will be your driver and drive you at the same time (the system applied to the number of participants from 2 to 4 people) and participating 5-9 people or consisting of several families also will use a mini car Bus and will serve by a guide with a driver, because the car category is different (minibus), and for the trip to the other islands probably serve the guide with a driver due to the distance in the journey elsewhere in Bali have different and Longer


Recognizing that hotel quality is an important and decisive factor contributing to the success of your trip, we select for you and according to your budget hotels that meet our requirements for comfort and service while ensuring respect Of local traditions. We choose the hotels on the most beautiful sites and privilege the small structures that promote the exchange with the locals. We have classified our hotels geographically and have distinguished two categories:

Vehicle and transport

We used comfortable transportation such as Toyota and Suzuki, an air-conditioned vehicle so that guests feel comfortable and intimate during their trip, and we do not share guests in a tour with other tourists

About Prices

What are inclusive on your Budget.
As we are local travel agency, it will utilize basic local currency quote. You will find reasonable price in our package without negotiable, basis in IDR or and Euros and Dollars The price is included for your hotels, vehicles and gasoline during trips, entries in different places / all airport transfers to Hotel, cost management and Indonesian tax.


Private excursion, discover the island of Bali more authentic